How We Got Started

The Best E Liquid On The Market!

Here at Maskervape E Liquid we strive to bring the absolute best flavors to the E Liquid Market. We only use the highest grade batch tested ingredients we can find. Our VG and PG are USP/ Kosher, our nicotine is extracted pharmaceutical grade. Every single bottle is mixed to exact specifications so that the consistency is never off and we deliver the same extraordinary taste in every bottle. Fallout is produced in limited runs to control the quality of the E Liquid. Creating E Liquid is an art, and we take pride in every single bottle that we bring to life. Each bottle is made using maximum amounts of VG. There is no harshness to Maskervape E Liquid, we don't like throat hits, we blow clouds. You won't find a smoother E Liquid than Maskervape, yes you can drip the 12 mg, it won't hurt a bit. We work hard so that we can consistently deliver a top quality premium liquid to the vaping community.